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InMuseWorld.net is a Muse fansite, started in 2002 and still maintained by Robin (scndsky@hotmail.com).

The current pages are a rivival of the good old' website that closed in 2005. Don't expect regular new content, but see this as an archive of all IMW' Muse knowledge.

This website should not exist anymore if it weren't for the nice people at the messageboard who are always very supportive on new developments concerning the website.

Thanks to:   Alexandra, Audrey, Ben, Brian, Caro, Cit, Elfi, Frank, Gordon, Iris, Japke, Jérome, Kat, lil_black_star, Londoner, Luca, Mary, Marian, Michael, Neo, Nicky, Paddy, Phillip, Sam, Tasteinmen, Tessy, Wam, People I forgot

Helped with the new old website: Caro, Hester, & Marian

Thanks for visiting. And have a Muse day,