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Legal Notice

Muse' lyrics and scores are copyright protected.

This is site is not official. As a fan site, this website and its content are not authorized by Muse their Record Labels ;)

Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of these materials in any form is expressly prohibited.

I am not responsible for the content of other linked sites.

This site does not host mp3's or other music formats.

Data (incl emailadresses) given by users are not disclosed to third parties. You won't get spammail by registering at this site.

People can contact the webmaster of this site by the following emailadress: scndsky@hotmail.com (please write "MUSE" in the subject)

Registering at "The memberarea" under 13, without the permission of your parents, is forbidden.

InMuseWorld.netis not responsible for the content of any message written by the users of the messageboard, people's comments and the guestbook.

By entering the site your IP will be saved in a database. Those data are only saved for statistic purposes. None of these data will enclosed to third parties.

Some of the artwork on this site is from the inlays of Origin Of Symmetry, Absolution and Showbiz. Copyrights go to Darell Gibbs, Austin, Tomi Oladipo, Butch Gordon, William Eager, David Foldvari, Storm Thorgerson, Matthew Bellamy and Tanya Adrew

Don't copy any material (code, pictures, articles) of this site without the permission of the webmaster!