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Plug In Baby


I´ve exposed your lies, baby
The underneath is no big surprise
Now it´s time for changing
And cleansing everything
To forget your love

My plug in baby
Crucifies my enemies
When I´m tired of giving
My plug in baby
In unbroken virgin realities
Is tired of living

Don´t confuse
Baby you´re gonna lose
your own game
Change me
Replace the envying
To forget your love

My plug in baby
Crucifies my enemies
When I´m tired of giving
My plug in baby
In unbroken virgin realities
Is tired of living

And I´ve I´ve seen your loving
Mine is gone
And I´ve been in trouble

Extra information


Plug in baby was the first single of Origin of symmetry, and has a video. Muse is playing in a house and you see two girls who’re some kind of robots.

Every time someone asks Matt what his Plug In Baby is, he always gives a different answer.

Matt: “My plug in baby is my own physical body. I´m using it objectively a bit more these days. I´m not in it; I´m sort of using it. I can´t explain what I mean. I make it do things now that I used to be worried about. What is it? I don´t know. It´s like I am my own ventriloquist. Oh, I can´t remember. Help me! “
Dom: “You´ve said it before. You´ve said, ´Blah, blah, blah, and that´s my plug in baby”.
Matt: “I´ve explained what the meaning of it is, but I don´t know what it is. It´s definitely myself, I think. [to Dom] Do you think we´ve lost it in the last few weeks? Just fucking blown it? “

Matt: "You know how it would be really cool if we could genetically engineer puppies that never grow old? Plug in Baby is about that."
I´ve heard on MTV that he said this at a dinner where they were talking about genetics, and that´s when he got the idea for the song. He said that these genetically engineered puppies could be used to satisfy people´s sexual needs.
tnx to [BliSS]

Or he tells it’s about his guitar, or his pet, or his computer,…


Produced by David Bottrill and Muse
Engineered by David Bottrill with additional engineering by Steve Cooper
Mixed By John Cornfield and Muse, Sawmills Studio
Recorded at Ridge Farm Studios, Surrey


Matthew Bellamy

Official video

I don’t think there’s a real meaning behind this video. The director must have thought: “Plug In Baby, sounds like a mix between a girl and a computer, so why not combining them?” The girls in the video are some kind of robots. At the end a robogirl gets sucked up by a toaster.

Note: have you ever thought about it how it’s possible that a robot can survive in water?

Directed by:Howard Greenhalgh

People's comments

Shine!: I liked Muse coz of this song. So it was my ´first´ song. Thanx to it i got into such music and Muse is my favourite.
mini muse: plug baby talks about crusifying enemies and im the only one in my school that like muse and defend them to the best of my abilites coz to me people who bad mouth muse are my enemies. and muse have achieved so much they r worth more than all of the people in my school put together. i luv matts voice and ace piano playingbv
Shine!: I know very less people who like, even not love, Muse. So i am alone
Dagger: There are good songs, there are bad songs, and there are songs that makes you cry or shine. Then there are cool songs, that you just want to play one time and again, and again again, all loud. Almost every band now in the world would kill for having a song half as cool as Plug In baby. Myyy pluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug iiiiiiiiiiiiiiin baaaaaaaaaaabyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. :´)
Lynds: Their most mainstream song...not a bad thing! Has so far got the highest up the british charts...No. 11...and so much fun to listen to :)
~*natalie*~: i loved this song the first time i ever heard it, ive like muse since i heard them a few years ago. the bands style is totaly unique and thats what i love about them. plug in baby has to though one of the best they´ve done yet. its my favourite that they do live, matt always goes so wild when he proforms this track and it gives so much energy to the crowed. MUSE KICK SERIOUS ASS!!! luv nat
kezzla: very sexy voice matt has in this song , as he does in ´cant take my eyes off u´ ,,,,,favourite song on origin of symmetry , top class , shud of got a higher place in the charts most definately!
Hypermatt: What the fuck is he singing about?! I mean its a great song but dammit, matt, make sense!
Hypermatt: Deadstar/in your world reached eleven so Lynds and ben can both fuck cows, or the same cow if they want
sweep: now lets stop the fussin ana feuding,we´re all like one big happy family in here.no more cows.now i know matt is a musical genius an all an i do wan2 marry him but can we hear some good things about chris and domonic aswell.this is def my feel good song and il never get sick of it
hullabaloo: it is the best song i´ve never listened to. thanks matt for all you´ve done for me coz now the life is different
Hyper Monkey: This songs better than sex. who´m i kidding, im a virgin...(sniff)
NeW BoRn : This One Got me into the band i mean listn to the guitar intro it says it all
ˇAspirex!: Has anybody heard Sexy Boy by Air? Well it happens to be my least favorite song EVER. So, you can appreciate my concern when I first heard this and heard such a similar bassline. However, somehow, I do love this song, and I still hate the Air song. It´s very frantic and powerful, and just has some great melodies. (Could Air fans please not abuse me about this).
webmaster: You also thought on ´sexy boy´ by Air? Same here.
sam!: well im a plain and simple guy, so i think the songs about getting fed up with women cos they aint perfect, so he gets a plug in baby instead! cos they dont argue! (oh and he prefers plug in babies cos theyre virgins dont ya know ) matts opinion not mine, im not a perfectionist
Zara: One of the best Muse songs! well i think so anyway! :D When i first heard this i got into Muse! And im glad! They are now my fav band! :)
tom: this one kinda got destroyed for me after watching some 13 year olds murder it at a school battle of the bands, but i like matt´s comment about genetically engineering puppies that never grow old. that would rule.
pegasus: I love this song. It is my favourite Muse song and has a lot of meaning for me. It´s also the first Muse song i heard and the one that got me into the band. The thing i love about the song is the way Matt sings the chorus. That no