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You could be my unintended,
Choice to live my life extended,
You could be the one I'll always love.

You could be the one who listens,
To my deepest inquisitions,
You could be the one I'll always love.

I'll be there as soon as I can,
But I'm busy mending broken,
Pieces of the life I had before.

First there was the one who challenged,
All my dreams and all my balance,
She could never be as good as you.

You could be my unintended,
Choice to live my life extended,
You should be the one I'll always love.

I'll be there as soon as I can,
But I'm busy mending broken,
Pieces of the life I had before.

I'll be there as soon as I can,
But I'm busy mending broken,
Pieces of the life I had before.
Before you.

Extra information


Matt: There are a few unintended love songs as well. The song I wrote about the girl was written in the studio after a phone conversation with her. We called it ´Unintended´ because it came out of nowhere, and I didn´t mean it to happen, all of these feelings for this girl.


Produced and Mixed by Paul Reeve and Muse


Matthew Bellamy

Official video

Possible meaning:

In this video we can see people in a house together with Muse. The shapes of the people are different (computer edited, watch the screenshot).

Muse don’t have any interaction with the other people in the house. Muse don’t look at them and the they don’t look at Muse, it’s like they don’t see them. That’s why I think they’re like a (vague) memory of something that has taken place in the house. You can see Matt, Dom and Chris thinking or daydreaming about something. Possibly of a relationship, that’s broken up now.

Directed by:Howard Greenhalgh

People's comments

domlover: this song just makes me cry when i hear it the words just describe how i feel at the mo cause i love some1 and i cant b with them but tiz a gr8 love song and i listen to it over and over again
muse_fan: I understand what you mean domlover I´ve had the same feeling for a very long time!
Shine!: Best Muse´s ballad i think
[BliSS]: The first Muse song I heard. Made me fall in love with this band. Since that day, I´m addicted ^_^
Beckeh: When i first listened to Showbiz, a few songs caught my attention.. Sunburn, Muscle Musuem, Falling Down & This. I´ve never grown tired of it, i could listen to it for hours, Matt´s voice is undescribable, the feeling he put´s into this makes it great, he says the lyrics as if they mean so much.
Shygirl: I discovered muse when i was in love, but very unhappy. these songs, especially from the first album , described at best what i felt.
musely monkey: i love this song. this is my favorite muse song.
Dark_Star: me likes unintended. it seemed to be right for the showbiz album, between more stronger, louder songs. i also like the video. :)
MicroCutter: brilliant, fits in really well in the middle of showbiz
pow-pow-pow: even my mum(!) who tends to call my favourite bands just ´a bunch of stupid jerks´ said about ´unintended´:´hm-hm... sounds beautiful...hm-hm...yes...´
AnnIE : i think all music of muse is beautiful......secretly i´m cryin´ ......when i alone, i´m alwayslistening this song
emma: i think muse are so talented, i have all there work up to date, and i would like to say that unintended is my favourite song in the whole history of music, it has so much meaning for me, and everytime i hear it, it makes me cry. this will never change from being my favourite song. muse are my favourite band and everything they´ve done has inspired me. i love you muse.
Domo: Unintended is tha bomba!!! Muse Rules bigitme!!!! Greets Domo
sam!: i love muse :p
kate!: THE GREATEST SONG IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Catarina: This is the first song I heard from Muse on MTV! I instantly fell in love by this band. Bought the 1st album and the single plug and then the 2nd album and so on and on. They are my favourite! Love you Muse, forever.
muse_master: wow, wen i first herd this son, tears!i cudnt stop crying, i can really relate to it, its so sad, matts voice is amazing!
nuria: I fall in love with muse thanks to this song. my brother was listening showbiz and when I heard this song, I said ´wow, what a beautiful song! who are this guys? they´re perfect!!´ since then muse has been my favourite band! ^^(sorry for my bad english, I´m from spain =P)
mik: wow I´m really feeling like this song right now! Great song, just love it.
Bisto: You could be my untinded choice to live my life extended. You can´t get better songwriting than that! Very easy to relate to this song, it´s of the most beautiful muse songs i think.
muses no.1 fan: this is such a beautiful song its so sad, u can really relate 2 it
Shelley: *sigh* don´t you just wanna cry hearing this beautiful song? I´m so glad Matt´s written this and he sang sooooooo beautiful... I love him for this.
sisse: this is one of the best songs in the world, if it´s not the best! it just make me cry every time i hear it.... again and agian! every time i feel sorry for myself i listen to Unintended
doris: the song make you cry, it is the best ballad I´ve heard
Max0ra: was the ropiest one i heard at first, but after seeing the dvd i learnt to love it :0)
rosie: its really simple and really really beautiful it makes me wanna hear it over and ove again
kinky cat: unintended reflects not only sadness n confusion, it´s al