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Black Out


don't kid yourself
and don't fool yourself
this love's too good to last
and im too old to dream

don't grow up too fast
and don't embrace the past
this life's too good to last
and i'm too young too care

don't kid yourself
and don't fool yourself,
this life could be the last
and we're too young to see

Extra information


Matt: The arrangements make you really think of a BO adventure movie. I listen a bit to classical music of the beginning 20th century. Prokofiev, Rachmaninov and Debussy. The style of those people have a lot of influence on the composers of films who mix it with traditional music on the place where the action happens. The music like the movie of Indiana Jones are very inspired on composers like Prokofiev and Rachmaninov. The traditional Egyptian music or North African music has influenced a lot of superb pieces.

Matt says that his inspiration for Black Out came from a deadly car accident of an ex-boyfriend of his Italian girlfriend. He went to his funeral. Matt: "It made me think about things like death and endlessly... thatís what Blackout is about: about the fear of dying at a young age, and the energy and motivation you can put out of that"


Produced by Paul Reeve & John Cornfield


Matthew Bellamy