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it's bugging me,
grating me
and twisting me around
yeah i'm endlessly
caving in
and turning inside out

'cause i want it now
i want it now
give me your heart and your soul
and i'm breaking out
i'm breaking out
last chance to lose control

its holding me, morphing me
and forcing me to strive
to be endlessly cold within
and dreaming i'm alive

'cause i want it now
i want it now
give me your heart and your soul
i'm not breaking down
i'm breaking out
last chance to lose control

and i want you now
i want you now
i'll feel my heart implode
i'm breaking out
escaping now
feeling my faith erode

Extra information


This song first play was at Portugal the 19th of April (2002). Fans gave it the name "I Want You Now", but that title has never been official or confirmed. Now it's officially called "Hysteria". It's the third single of Absolution

"It's about things you really want, could be a girl, could be anything, but you just can't have" Matt

Chris: "Hysteria was the second single we did in the UK [from Absolution] and I also think it is the next single that is going to be released in America. We always felt with that track was that it was very good track to open a gig with. It is just one of those tracks that is a simple song but has an immediate effect. It was one of those tracks that grabs attention from people. I think for that reason we chose to open the set with that. It is just a good, rocking track".


Produced by Rich Costey


Matthew Bellamy

Official video

There are a lot of theories about this video. There's a guy in a messed up hotel room trying to remember what happened last night. He takes his camcorder and watches some tapes. You can see a girl, who's a prostitute. Probably he has fallen in love with her, and can't stand the idea he's not the only one who's dates (read: has sex) with her. The song is about wanting something really hard, but you can't have it at all. The guy is in the same situation. Slightly he remembers what happened last night. He phoned her all the time, but she didn't pick up. He went crazy and destroyed his hotel room.

Directed by:Matt Kirkby