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Sing For Absolution


Lips are turning blue
A kiss that can't renew
I only dream of you
My beautiful

Tiptoe in your room
A starlight in the gloom
I only dream of you
And you never knew

Sing for absolution
I will be singing
And falling from your grace

There's nowhere left to hide
In no one to confide
The truth burns deep inside
And will never die

Lips are turning blue
A kiss that can't renew
I only dream of you
My beautiful

Sing for absolution
I will be singing
And falling from your grace

Sing for absolution
I will be singing
And falling from your grace

Our wrongs remain unrectified
and our souls won't be exhumed

Extra information


Matt: This is song is completely different from the rest of the album. There is something oppressive in this song, with a gothic sound. The couplets speak about some kind of a dead relationship or something like that. There was a big improvisation part. Making music or singing for me is an act of exploring absolution. In fact, this is my own personal way of finding a way to understand myself, to understand all the confusing elements about me, those things that scared me and reappear suddenly of this song.


Rich Costey


Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

Samir: It´s a great song!
_Macca: Is this the one called ´Get a grip´ cos i gotta a ´new one´ live from eurocks and its class, class effects giving it an egyptian feel :o)
~Noblame~: it should´s reall harmonic but it´s just matt plucking chords
Alex: I hope this lyric is right, cause i wrote it by listening to the song muse played on Eurorocks 2002.. I hope you like it
webmaster: I think this will be one of the best songs of the next album. It´s really good.
Follaringo: Magnífica canción, Muse es el mejor grupo del mundo! MUSE IS THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!
minime: I love the intro and everything, sounds arabian. very different. its unfortuanally all i can make out apart from the first versethe mp3 i dowloaded is not a good recording where did you get all yours from? i can hear a few of the words but im sure the lyrics on this site arn´t right. they don´t make any sense! for example;the bits in capitals are what i think are the correct lyrics the bits in bracets are not.... (what i think are correct lyrics)*=I have no Idea what the words here areSO HAPPY NOWBURNING A CANDLE(burns aims)(You should probably choose)(and show fools) *********YOU´VE INVENTEDplease Let me know what you think the words are.
sam!: Yeh me too i dont understand what matts saying at all in my version, and its a shame cos its a great song and i cant blast it up to full volume on my stereo! harsh! but still wikked stuff.
sam!: oh i forgot to mention the fact that when he says ´everything´ in the chorus, it sounds wikked!
[BliSS]: Hmmmm I hate when I dont understand what he sings (which is not that rare to happen :D). Anyway.. cool song, even though I like the other new ones better. Maybe a higher quality MP3 would let me appreciate it more =)
melatolin: what an incredible song ! -the new stuff in my opinion is far more emotional ,sonically -there´s some beautiful melody going on even though this is quite a full on song.brilliant.
chard: yup, tis good
I: this song is awsome, the guitar sounds kewl and so does the bass, matt´s singin is awsome 2, it must hav sum fx on the mic, i think that muse r gettin better sooo much all the time, and they are far better live as i saw them last yr an this yr at leeds, they were so good they made the foo fighters sound crap
sam!: everything!
DeadStar: ALEX YOU´RE A SHIT!!!! WHAT A LIAR!!!!I, and just I, wrote the lyric above!!!I don´t know if they´re right, probably not, but you better avoid to say YOU wrote the lyric!!!!!!!!!!!!I send ´em to this site through e-mail, and the webmaster can confirm!!!!!!!!!!ALEX please don´t write your fucking lies in this forum, tnx!!!And, people, I´m sorry for my dirty language, but Alex was worth of it...
webmaster: No, Alex sent me first the lyrics but they didn´t seem very correct and i placed them on the site. A few days later you came up with other lyrics who sounded more correct than Alex´ and I deleted Alex lyrics and placed those of yours. So no-one is lying here.
Fading like a deadstar: ...I think it´s not the best muse song... I dont like it very much...
Catarina: Well, it´s my favourite song now. Matt´s voice is amazing here,in the second chorus... It causes me shakes :)
Balloon: i love this song! it sounds like ´egyptian sadness´! that would be a cool name for this song...
_Macca: thank god u said it was egyptian sounding ;o)
tompie: where did you downloaded this song?? :)
Beckeh: You can download it from the site i think?I am loving it at the moment, it´s so powerful.
funkygroßangriff: WOW!!!!!!!I love it... Hope it will be on the next album. Brilliant.Great song... like space dimentia or in your world... a great combination of classic elements with the usual muse sound!
bellamys bitch(