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Dark Shines


Passing by, you light up my darkest skies
Youīll take only seconds to draw me in
So be mine and your innocence
I will consume

Dark shines
Bringing me down
Making my heart feel sore
īCause itīs good

Hold your hands up to your eyes again
Hide from the scary scenes
Suppress your fears
So be mine and your innocence
I will consume

Dark shines
Bringing me down
Making my heart feel sore
īCause itīs good

Your dark shines
Bringing me down
Making my heart feel sore
īCause itīs good

Extra information


Dark Shines is about a girl who is all dark and moody and is very tempting (especially for matt). She seems like she hides a dark secret which makes her even more desirable.

It seems like the song is about a young girl in the line īyour innocence, I will consumeī.

This song was called "Policing The Jackson Funk" before its release on cd.


Produced by David Bottrill and Muse
Engineered by David Bottrill with additional engineering by Steve Cooper
Mixed By John Cornfield and Muse, Sawmills Studio
Recorded at Ridge Farm Studios, Surrey


Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

Dagger: Matt seems to love those little girls (16, 17 years old) who kills you with a sight. Maybe this one is dedicated to one of his fans, one who he saw in one of the shows from the stage.Yeah, it can be illegal, but everyone has been influenced by those dark shines sometimes... lolThe same theme is on īBlissī, I think. Innocence, lovely girls, love (or atraction) larger than life, envying of that innocence, desire, desire, desire.By the way, itīs such a great song I canīt believe it. Sounds like a tango, something old latin, like īUnoī.
Shine: They almost don;t play it on teh concerts, i canīt understand why. I think itīs good, i especially like piano , sounds like explosion
Fillip: This song is carried by awesome guitar skills. Matt really goes to work on this one. I think this has to be one of my favourites. I also like the fact that it has a certain swing to it and kind of a spy-feel. James Bondish!
webmaster: i love this song because it has something erotic. The beginning of the song would perfectly fit in a james bond soundtrack, something mysterious. I also like the end of the song and the part where the music stops and restarts again.
: So tell me. Is is Dark Shines as in Hullabaloo, or is it Darkshines as on the back of OOS?This is pretty cool. I can just picture the guys in cowboy suits moseying into some Texan town to this song.
Dinandtotti: I can play this song on my guitar, thatīs why itīs special to me
MicroCutter: This is a great song I love the way the drums and bass play together both of īem got real cool parts and Matt plays one of the most attractive guitar part on the whole album ( for a guitarist)But why is the song on the Hullabaloo Soundtrack and not on the DVD?
WOKKY: Hey , This is my favourite song, because Matt has really a great voice here (all muse-songs are great!)
bellamys bitch (lucy): this a really reall really good song i luv the lyrics
plastic venus: dagger u have an interesting view about the song!
bellamys bitch(lucy): i agree plastic venus dagger does a hav an interesting point,but they better not be sayin matts a pervert!!!!!
susana: many ppl dont really like this song but i think itīs very nice and i love that piano part before the chorus, its like someone said, it sounds like tiny explosions, or someone breaking a glass... its cool..
Melissa: This is one of my favourite Muse songs!!!! I love everything about it, and can totally relate to the lyrics.