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Hyper Music


Your golden skies/lies feed my role
In this forgotten space race under my control
Whoīs returned from the dead?
Who remains
just to spit it in your face

You know that I donīt want you and i never did
I donīt want you and I never will

You wanted far more than I was worth
And you think I was scared yeah
And you needed proof
Who really cares anymore?
Who restrains
just to spit it in your face

You know that I donīt love you and I never did
I donīt want you and I never will

Extra information


Matt: This one really rocks out, itīs really full-on but the lyrics are just plain negative, just pure anger and disregard for affection, the oppostie of īBlissī. Itīs actually linked to a book i read called īHyper Spaceī which is about how all the laws of nature and physics combine in the 10th dimension in pure mathematics to form one main theme.

Crhis about why Hyper Music disappeared from the setlist: "We haven't played that at all since we started touring this album [Absolution]. I'm not sure why. It is difficult even when you have an hour and a half we have four albums of material and it is difficult to play. I don't know why really but that song seems to have just disappeared. Maybe it is in similar vain to New Born or Hysteria. When we play we try to get across as many different sides of the band as we can. It is not all about being a rock band. There are other sides to the band and when it is possible it is nice to get those other sides out as well"


Produced by John Leckie and Muse
Engineered by John Leckie and Rick Peet with additional engineering and programming by Chris Brown
Mixed By John Cornfield and Muse, Sawmills Studio
Recorded at the Real World Studio, Wiltshire


Matthew Bellamy

Official video

The videos of Hyper Music and Feeling Good are made in the same studio during 2 days. Like the title of the song the video is very “hyper”. Fast moving cameras going fast from take to take.

Directed by:David Slade

People's comments

[BliSS]: Are we sure that the opening line is īyour golden skiesī? I understand īyour golden liesī
ayla: I also think itīs īliesī and not īskiesī.
Robin: I just like to listen to this song when I get really mad and angry. :)..when a girl does something that you makes you pissed. :PRobin,
mik: I always listen to this song when a boy pisses me off (quite often)And I allso think itīs lies instead of skies.
webmaster: I assure you: itīs skies, not lies (check the lyrics on the album)
Hyperchondriac: This was probably my favourite song for a while after i first saw it live, I was fucking blown away!
ayla: Maybe it was supposed to be skies but he sings lies.In Hyper Chondriac Music you can hear it really good. Itīs lies.
ben: its not lies its skies they are hardly gonna put a word wrong on the lyrics cover of the album are they? come on think about it
ben: and if it was lies īīgolden liesīī doesnt make sense. never herd of the term īīgolden skiesīī???
[BliSS]: no, never heard ^_^if u pay some attention to it and listen, u will hear that its clearly īliesī, and it DOES make sense. read the meaning of the songs, there are some word by bellamy which will make u understand why it makes sense in my opinion:!..and its not impossible that some typos end up in the album cover, is it?
Kimmy: What the fuck does it matter if itīs lies or skies? I donīt really care, itīs a fucking good song anyways, am I right or what? Would someone tell me please....?
[BliSS]: yeah I think youre right, but Id also like to understand all the meanings of the lyrics.. they are important in Muse songs, arent they.
NeW BoRn: Its one of them and i dont care which one ITS A GREAT F**KING SONG LOL
Fer: Itīs (of course) īgolden liesī. Thereīre also other mistakes on the CD lyrics, and the band have admited that. For example, the first word of space dementia in the book is Height, but matt told that i was actually H8 (it sounds like hate), but the guy who ītranslatedī that just wrothe īhī and īeightī (thatīs 8), but matt doesnīt say height. (wow)
sam!: wow im exausted after readong that fer! erm yeh wikked riff etc! and he ses lies! poor matt musta had a cold! its my fav muse song nevertheless!
hullabaloon: That is the greitest song in yhe hole WORLD!!!
hullabaloon: That is the greitest song in the hole WORLD!!!
Teena: Err, yes. Great song. The Other Sexy Muse Song, this one, amazingly so. Itīs built wonderfully. In the second verse there are only bass and drums backing Matthew up. It creates a great effect, you end up begging for more. And again. the noise, the howling! Seeing Muse play this song live is like having a 3-minute orgasm.
Dementia Eyes: I donīt like it very much on the album, I prefer Hyper Chondriac Music... but live itīs FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
Deadstar 666: Lies or Skies! both make sense ffs! probly my fave song, pretty angsty (or is it just me?) and on the lies/skies topic, doesnt matt normally sing sum lyrix different live? (ie. like a corporate show - like a virgin grows) i love the guitar music, unfortunatly my guitars broke and i havent put ne effort into playing it.... they are brilliant live, prove me wrong!
muse kcik ass: lies!!!!
daniel: i my self am a bass guitar player , and i love the bass line 2 this song , its slightly hard 2 learn tho eh ! il get it one day ,
{DarkShines}: Hmm.. Muse Lyrics.. One of the most important aspects of their songs... they actually take time to think about... whilst being worth that precious time.. Like, Incubus... but more complex... How music should be... I believe art is how you interpret it. things shouldnt always be spelt out. It spoils the song for people with half a brain to actually care... :P
celtic yodels: Itīs the best song of MUSE .. isnīt that Gre