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Micro Cuts


Hands are red with your blame
Megaphone screaming my name
Whimpers someone I shouldīve loved
Souls weeping above

Iīve seen
What you’re doing to me
Destroying puppet strings
To our souls

Micro waves me insane
A blane cuts into your brain
To sound like forks on a plate
Blackboard scratched with hate

Iīve seen
What you’re doing to me
Destroying puppet strings
To our souls

Extra information


Matt had a dream one night that he was in a desert and there were these huge blades suspended from the sky which were swinging down on him, nearly hitting him.

On this song Matt reaches his highest notes (a bit the same as those on the end of showbiz). The whole song is in high notes. Youīd maybe think Matt canīt bring this song live, but then youīre wrong.


Produced by John Leckie and Muse
Engineered by John Leckie and Rick Peet with additional engineering and programming by Chris Brown
Mixed By John Cornfield and Muse, Sawmills Studio
Recorded at the Real World Studio, Wiltshire


Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

paul: best falsetto ever - how does he do it?and the last minute is a high point of the album.why do most people not like this song?dont really understand.
MicroCutter: this is absolutely an amazing song. Iīve never heard anything like it before. the vocals send shivers thru my body everytime I listen to it! The best song on OOS!!!
mik: I really love this song, but I canīt sing it myself (duh), and I hate that because I always sing along with every song I know.
Mac: its even better (and higher) live :o)
kath_twitch: over-the-top? isnīt that the point? ITīS MUSE!!! a truley awesome mix of instrumental sounds cooked to perfection by the outragous vocals that only M.Bellamy could control, and only Muse could pull off.
Dark_Star: this song is unique. with the sharp, high-pitched sound of Mattīs voice and those instruments also dominating the song. and it just seemed to fit perfectly in its position on the album between īcitizen erasedī and īsceenagerī.
[BliSS]: the first time i heard it i didnt like it, now its one of my favourite muse songs. i think people dont like it because itīs quite unusual, especially because of being sung all in high-pitched notes. its unique, no one has ever done anything like this.the riff in the end is great and i love the way the sound īmovesī from one speaker to the other, faster and faster. cool stereo effect.
MicroCutter: yeah everyone I know said how terrible this song iscuzī of matts voice but I ADORE it its the best song ive heard for ages if not THE best I couldnt believe it when they played that song right in the begining of a concerti thought matts voice would bee fucked up unbelieveblea masterpiece
Muse Rock: Bloody amazing
snush!!!: i think exactly the same as [bliss]
Rameez: defiently the best song Muse have done the guitar bit at the end is too cool
Hyper Monkey: this song rocks because it reminds me that there is only one way to cut off my penis. A micro cut.
Newborn: Fantastic song
sam!: this song is wikked! i prefer it live because he gives a little scream at the end of saying īiv seen!ī and the guitar sounds better live. This song totally rocks. oooh it does. and at the end is better on the studio version cos of the wow wow thing in the headphones. and as for the riff at the beggining, flipping heck it rocks!
imbored: yeah the guitar bit at the end is amazing when listening to it on headphones, it sends your mind into a state of confusion for half a second when he does the slide its his voice is so wonderful in this song I cant see why so many people dont like it.
ou jeee: I like dude!!!! This song is........ yeahhh!!!!!
CanYouFindMySoks: Well matt you honeslt have the voice of a god, Some points i find it hard to distinguish your voice from the guitar as you sing it so well tuned. id give anything to be able to sing that high, Microcuts is my favourite song =)
Andrea89: Itīs a beautiful song
diego: Donīt speack guys....hear this FALSETTO poetry and FLY!!!!!!!!!MANY PEOPLE CANīT UNDERSTAND WHAT MUSE ARE.
muses no.1 fan: this is an excellant song i luv it well done muse
bellamys bitch (lucy): by the way muses no.1 fan is the same person as me
Mui$$: I think this is one of the best song(very original huh....)But anyway, this number has a lot of power and itīs also a good combination of bombastic music with rock music......yes i guess itīs a very good number!!
NewBorn: the song is one of the best of thiese album! but the other songs are the best, too!!!!!
Benoit: I think the lyrics are about Mattīs parents and how he misses them (īWhimpers someone I shouldīve loved, Souls weeping aboveī)...
andy: this song (like many others) prooves why muse are one of the best british bands in recent years!