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Everything about you is how I´d wanna be
Your freedom comes naturally
Everything about you resonates happiness
Now I won´t settle for less

Give me all the peace and joy in your mind

Everything about you pains my envying
Your soul can´t hate anything
Everything about you is so easy to love
They´re watching you from above

Give me all the peace and joy in your mind
I want the peace and joy in your mind
Give me the peace and joy in your mind

Everything about you resonates happiness
Now I won´t settle for less

Give me all the peace and joy in your mind
I want the peace and joy in your mind
Give me the peace and joy in your mind

Extra information


Bliss is the song that represents the best state of mind you can have. It’s a state of mind where you give out everything you have without any need for return. It´s also a song aimed towards someone’s youth, someone who hasn’t been exposed to stuff yet. However it should be a positive song, the lyrics give the impression that you´re envy on a person and you want to be just like him/her because s/he looks perfect to you and you´re not.

Bliss is mostly played the last one on a concert. According to Matt, it’s his favourite song, because it´s got all these 80s arpeggios and keyboards on it which remind me of some music I heard on some children’s music programme when I was five. I think I ripped it off that. And that reminds me of when I was a bit simpler, a bit more of a pleasant state

The video goes about leaving everything behind, don’t care anymore, beginning at new point. (Just like newborn)

Chris: "We have just always loved playing that song live. Even if you don't know the song it has one of those discoy feels to it but recorded in a rock way. It was one of those songs that when we play it live you always know if you are having a bad gig it will be the song that will get the crowd going".


Produced by David Bottrill and Muse
Engineered by David Bottrill with additional engineering by Steve Cooper
Mixed By John Cornfield and Muse, Sawmills Studio
Recorded at Ridge Farm Studios, Surrey


Matthew Bellamy

Official video

It was originally meant that Matt would fall from the air in the earth, then through the earth and come out at the other side of the earth. But they couldn’t afford to make earth so they did something else… Matt is falling into a tube in space. When he comes out of the tube he flies lost in space, to finally burn up. The idea behind the video is to leave everything behind, starting again from zero, and about all the joy you can have.

There's a making of this videos on the Bliss dvd.

Directed by:David Slade

People's comments

Ross: A great song,one of the best.iv heard it live and it was amazin.
LiNniE: very nice song....clip is very nice 2 :) Live is the best :)
Dagger: A really bright-up-happy song that you just want to sing along to and jump (if you have seen it live, you´ll understand). About envying everything that´s pure in young people (innocence, joy, peace of mind, shine, beliefs).Absolutely cool.
Pieter: This is my favorite Muse song, I enjoy the explosion of emotion in itBy the way this is also Matt´s favorite song (but that isn´t the reason why I like this song)
Beckeh: The lyrics and everything about this song is postive. One of my favourites (Though i have many) i never grow tired of it.
domlover: i adore this song itz the first muse song i heard and it still makes me stop and listen it makes the hairs on the bk of my neck stand up
Abeltje: It´s simply one off the best songs ever been made in this f*cking world. This world needs more of this kind of songs
mik: When I heard this song for the first time I totally fell in love with muse. I can hear it a thousand times again and I will still like it.
hannah*: If i gotta choose 3 of the best (Muse) songs, Bliss would definately be in this top3..It´s totally perfect and making me happy and it also has a lotta energy in it, exploding.
kezzla: i wud love to have this song played at my funeral :) yes it is that good
holyday: excellent ! live or studio, excellent ! the video is great, i´d like to be Matthew, it must be so cool to fly or fall eternally like this...
[BliSS]: I love this song. So much happiness... and those terrific arpeggios... and the way Bellamy plays it live... and an amazing video (faaaaalling forever it must be pure nirvana... well that´s bliss actually)... one of my favs:! In fact that´s my nickname almost everywhere huh!
MicroCutter: didnt like it when i first heard it but after seeing it played live i listened to it more often Live is the BEST, tho.
Kimmy: I love Bliss, this song and the Pinkpop performance of this year actually made me buy Origin!I liked Muse before but this song just did it: it just makes me fucking happy I want to turn the volume up and jump around the house wich my mom totally would´nt like: think about the neighbours, it looks so crappy...Fuck them, this is like my fav song...
pluginbaby*: I love Muse, and when I heard them at pinkpop live, ooh, it was amazin´!!!!! Bliss is realy my fav. song, becaus the lyrics are great. And ofcourse, the music too.MUSE IS GREAT!!! I LOVE THEM!!!
gaby: This song always reminds me that somthing good will always happen and that someone will always love and want you. This is just one of the many best songs they´ve done, and the video is grreat. Whenever i´m down, i just bang this song up full belt and enjoy it and just think f**k it to which my mum wud come in and say´ turn the bloody volume down´ to which i DON´T. Why should´s a bloody good song!!
Hyper Monkey: This is probably muses best song. The video rocks too. Hey has anyone seen the alternative ending where Matt explodes on entry into space.
Deadstar 666: This song rulz, the riff is jus f***in gr8 :) ure all rote, i´ll never grow sick of this song (enuf sed me finkz :P) duz ne1 have a link where i can get a drum tab for bliss? :)Az x(By the way, when matt enters space in the ending, he always explodes/ dissolves, im surprised my science teacher´s tuaght me anything about atmosphere :s... *meh*)
sam!: yay bliss. well ya know, this song could possibly be my favorite muse song live and most possibly in my top three best songs! the lyrics really suit the tempo and the feel the music gives off, and it all combines into one pure class song, which has been made from one simple riff, how do they do it?
Dementia Eyes: so...have someone hear a little