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Who´s so phoney and always surrounded?
Stop your screaming - no one can hear
All the scars on your skin:´post no bills´

Who you were
Was so beautiful
Remember who
Who you were

Hide from the mirror - the cracks and memories
Hide from your family - they won´t know you now
For all the holes in our souls host no thrills

Who you were
Was so beautiful
Remember who
Who you were

Extra information


Screenager is like Plug in baby about the new communication technologies, which should bring us closer to eachother, but actually separates us. In this song Matt presents someone who was beautiful, but isn´t anymore, she (I suppose it´s a ´she´) breaks with everything (herself and her family).

Screenager was called ´Razor blades´ before Origin Of Symmetry was released.


Produced by John Leckie and Muse
Engineered by John Leckie and Rick Peet with additional engineering and programming by Chris Brown
Mixed By John Cornfield and Muse, Sawmills Studio
Recorded at the Real World Studio, Wiltshire


Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

paul: good song with funny guitar - makes me laugh, same as when i hear the piano in dark shines.
hannah*: Nice song, really a quiet one, no heavy guitars and stuff, which sometimes makes me sometimes jump it over, but you can hear Matt´s talented voice very clearly and in a wide range.
Dark_Star: i like the lyrics to this song.
Musegirl: I think it is one of the best songs in live! It made me cry, when I was at the MUSE concert in Bp.
Emma: This song is fuckin amazin´ g8 lyrics (stop ur screaming, noone can hear), the music, his voice (quiet sexy!) happy 2 see u guys agree here, most ppl at the official message board voted 4 it as least beautifull song of oos (or megalomania, wich is my fave 2) .. I love the piano thing he does on hullabaloo be4 screenager (int it rachmaninov? part of the rach 3 i believe).. I love the dark.. mystic songs.. better than the screamy ones (plugin, cave)
bellamys bitch(lucy): music is greatlyrics are greatbasically this song is fuckin great
susana: i love the lyrics... specially that part #stop ypur screaming, no one can hear´ and ´hede fron your family, they wont know u now´... it is great. not one of my favourites, but the lyrics are brilliant as always
pegasus: I think this is the sort of song that takes a bit of getting used to. When i first got the album, i liked this song, but i didn´t really think it was anything special. It was only earlier this year, that it just suddenly struck me how beautiful the song is. The piano in the background is just really beautiful. And the lyrics are damn good too. ´All the scars on your skin: post no bills´, i think this is one of the best lyrics i have ever heard. I love it. And now i have a new found respect for this song :)Rebecca.
Fondy: Too cool at the piano!!
-sunburn-: i love this song... the lyrics, matt´s voice, the piano... everything.