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Space Dementia


H8 - is the one for me
It gives me all I need
And helps me coexist
With the chill

You make me sick
Because I adore you so
I love all the dirty tricks
And twisted games you play
On me

Space dementia in your eyes and
Peace will arise
And tear us apart
And make us meaningless again

You´ll make us wanna die
I´d cut your name in my heart
We´ll destroy this world for you
I know you want me to
Feel your pain

Space dementia in your eyes and
Venus will arise
And tear us apart
And make us meaningless again

Extra information


Space Dementia’s piano is inspired on Rachmaninov (a classic Russian composer).

Matt: “Space dementia is the term NASA used for what happens if you’re left out in space for a long time, because if you truly conceptualise the situation of being there and looking back on earth, it can drive you mad. The song is about a person whose quite important in my life and who gives me space dementia when I look at them. It’s about being intensely engrossed so that you become obsessive and almost nasty”.

The first word of the song is not “height”, as it is written in the lyric-book of OOS, but it’s “H8”. H8 is a microcomputer.

Matt: “Using a microcomputer (Hitachi H8 / 3048F) which can
be built into the industrial machines, you can learn and understand the inputs /outputs of the microcomputer as a basis of robot control and conduct the experiments by C-language for steppingmotor control, servomotor control (PWM control) and serial communication. H8 model, a 16-bit microcomputer consists of 32-bit registers, has a flash ROM of 128KB, a RAM of 4KB (SRAM) with external extension of 128KB and 78 I/O terminals with the built-in A/D and D/Aconverters. H8 is a microcomputer usually built into a TV, VTR, mobile-phone and car navigator. Since it has ample I/O terminals, H8 microcomputer is also used as a brain of a small robot”.

Matt: “Space Dementia was supposed to be the big ending to the album. If you stick it on really loud speakers, it reaches the limit absolute limit of what is the sub and what is the height of your ear. So it hits the extreme of what our hearing range is. We were going to secretly increase the dB to the point where it was illegal. It didn´t work at the end [of the album], so we put it further to the front, [and had] the big argument whether to have this big ending or not. We actually recorded the first section of the song in the earlier session, and then we recorded the ending as a completely different thing. We had the song playing and then came in as it finished, a different instrument set up and everything. I was supposed to be a shock thing because up to then it was all piano, and then go all dirty guitars and death”.


Produced by John Leckie and Muse
Engineered by John Leckie and Rick Peet with additional engineering and programming by Chris Brown
Mixed By John Cornfield and Muse, Sawmills Studio
Recorded at the Real World Studio, Wiltshire


Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

robin: This song is very special in my eyes. It´s very powerfull without heavy guitars. The outro is brilliant and even better when they play it on gigs. Maybe it´s weird when you listen to it for the first time but after a while it rules !
ben: this song is class a great piano part just before the final verse its a very depressing song but in a way it makes you feel good (i talk absolute shite btw) lol
muse_fan: this is a very good song (like all the songs of muse) but this one is a bit special because in this song matt shows he really can play the piano fantastic and maybe that journalist who wrote about matt (beach rock) that he can´t play the piano should listen to this!!!!
Shine!: The song is excellent. I think here Matt shows another his side. He can be very different. This song is sounds like one of the Rachmaninoff´s things. I am proud that Matt likes a russian composer, cuz i am from Russia too.
hannah*: Last time my mum played a Rachmaninov cd and i was like singing the melody with that track, so i was like huh???did i know this before? But it´s coz of Space Dementia, coz it´s actually based on one Rachmaninov work i think...For those who wanna see for themselves, it´s beautiful i think, Piano Concerto No.2 in C minor, op.18, Moderato
sweep: i learnd 2 play this 1 all by myself but i only have a shit keyboard and the shaggin thing is an octave short so i cant get the low B(arrrggh).someday il get a grand piano n play it soo loud matt will hear. Rachmaninov is excellent by the way. UP RUSSIA hooray!
holyday: ´you make me sssssssssssssiick !´very very very good... a lot of emotion
MicroCutter: awesome never heard a contemporary artist playing piano like Rach´Tori Amos is a brilliant pianist, but im afraid matt is betterjust a littlethe song itself is one of the best on OOS.
Dark_Star: this song shows how talented matts musical albility stretches. especially on the piano, a song very different from most of the other songs on the album.
matty: sorry for the mistakes but I´m french, I love this song and I play it with my piano and I think it´s the most difficult song I´ve ever play in the all muse´s song. By the way it´s one of my favorite. I know that matt is a very very good artist and I´m working to become like him ( I´ll never be like him ´cause I´m a girl!) but I play piano for 7years by myself and I´ve started guitar(by myself too) and I sing too I´m in love with them (specially with matt) so I´d like to look like them...
Rameez: Theres a part of this song that reminds me of Queens Bhohemian (is that right??) Rhapsody
Rameez: Theres a part of this song that reminds me of Queens Bhohemian (is that right??) Rhapsody
NeW BoRn: One of the best piano rock songs ive heard
¡Aspirex!: The first time I listened to this song, I was sitting in a darkened room, and this song seriously took me on a wild 2001:Space Oddysee-esque ride through the depths my psyche (seriously. I´m not exaggerating here). The piano was drawing me through to extremely dark areas, and the first time I heard that big rock finish, it just blew my mind. They need a Nobel Prize for music, and then they need to give it to Muse for this song.
Dementia Eyes: This is my favourite MUSE´s songs because it unites the rage and the sick with a powerfull piano that has tought me a lot of things!!!
muse_kick ass: i love space dementia, i can really relate my life to it. ´u make me sick.......´, i love the lyrics, especially those ones and eyond because i wen thro a ruf time at one point and it hepled to relate my feeling with this song, like with all muse songs. wel done matt!ura star!!!!!i love u matt, chris and dom!u rule!
Eva : The piano is very cool, and I like this: you make me sick, because I adore you so. I can`t write any more, because my english is not good. Bye.