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Ignorance pulls
Apostasy and apathy still rules
Yeah you know itīs cool
Just suck and see
A future turns us into silent gods
And I wonīt miss you at all

Boxed in
Like the evil in your veins
Boxed in
I am stuck with you

Fate canīt decide
Alignment of the plan is in your hands
Come on crush our plans
Just wait and see
A future that wonīt let you disagree
And I wonīt miss you at all

Boxed in
Like the evil in your veins
Boxed in
I am stuck with you

Feel it, hear it, apathy
See it, be it, you’ll see

Extra information


I think itīs about a possible futur world, rather negative. Where nobody cares about eachother (I wonīt miss you at all) and have no free meaning anymore (a futur that wonīt let you disagree). The things the people need to do are not their acts anymore, like they are hypnotised (Alignment of the plan is in your hands). People will only be busy with their own character, they alone, they have to make it and be big, not the others (Apostasy and apathy still rules).

The voice of Matt is rather trembling, plaintive because it announces a negative future, it is a cry of despair announcing a blocked situation. At the end of the song the voice of Matt becomes high and represents a cry, it underlines the future which will be ineluctably black.

This song idea wholy fits in īOrigin Of Symmetryī. The whole album is characterised by a new world (feeling good), everyone is connected to a system (new born), becoming strangers to eachother (screenager), being attached to machines (plug in baby)... But this song isnīt on the album (well it is on the Japanese version) because Muse canīt bring this song very good live.


Produced by Dave Bottril + Muse
at ridge farm, surrry
mixed by John Cornfield + Muse
at sawmills studio, Cornwall


Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

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hypermatt: Best Muse B-side ever? No that would be nature 1, but futurisms pretty close
gaby: Futurism is top, ......and i have nothing else to say..... Itīs just wooooowwww!
Dementia Eyes: itīs my favourite b-sides, no doubt.... muuuuuuuuussseee!!!
Chris: first i hear it, it busted me away... it really rocks and the bridge after the 2nd chorus is like being in heaven or something. itīs a really emotional track even if itīs not soft...
cross: one of my favourite muse songs! this song is truly a symbol of the rock period they are in at the moment. sounds so evvvvillll
Bisto: I love the guitar in this and the lyrics and the whole song, itīs great!!
*red_handed*: this song is better than bliss and new born, which says a lot. i wish it had been released all over the world and not just in japan.
bellamys bitch (lucy): this is another good song how do muse do it?!?!?!?
Dinandtotti: I donīt think itīs better than newborn and bliss, but itīs fucking great. Oh yeah it is.
Keir!: Yep, definitely one of my favourites, great tune, very unique and I love the lyrics!
matt bellamys bird: it is a fucking excellent song, great lyrics.
Keir!: One question, why didnīt they release it in the UK???? I hate it when bands do that especially when its such a great song. Sorry Matt, Dom and Chris , your missing opportunities here in the UK, you should notīve just released it in Japan.
Just Me: Itīs the best B-Side ever. Directly after Spiral Static!!!!
Kurt: One question... were can I have this song?Thereīs some I havenīt and when I look at the comments, I canīt stand not to have listen them !!!!Muse for ever...
cross: errmm this song is out in england its on the Deadstar single (part 1)
bellamys bitch(lucy): i lurve the start of this song the guitar is so koollyrics are excellentgreat song
musefreak: really great song. the drums at one live version are so fuckin great :Dand the guitar...mhn...i think no one else could make such noise on it (except jimmy h )
Snapman: Not only is it one of Museīs best B-Sides, it is also one of Museīs best songs, EVER! The chorus is so powerful, the lyrics rule and that riff is SO DAMN INFECTIOUS! Why wasnīt this part of the UK version of Origin Of Symmetry? Lucky Japaneese.
Mr-_-Yo: great song, best b-side too. one question are the lyrics of spectrum (early version of futurism) different?
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