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Hyper Chondriac Music


Your golden lies feed my role
In this forgotten space race under my control
Who´s returned from the dead?
Who remains?

You wanted more than I was worth
You think I was scared yeah
And you needed proof
Who really cares anymore?
Who restrains?

I don´t love you and I never did
I don´t love you and I never will

Extra information


This is a acoustic version of Hyper Music.

Hyper Music has the sort of 'I-dont-care' attitude many have at the end of a relationship. Hyper Chondriac Music, however, has a much sadder, more reflective tune. It's very miserable. My theory is that the A-side, hyper music, is a heat of the moment song, whereas the B-side, chondriac, is the memory and regret of what he's said. A 'why did i say that?' song. He mocks his idiocy with the mournful repeat of hyper musics lyrics.

If you think about it even the song titles back this up; 'hyper music' (indicating out-of-control) and hyper chondriac music (meaning he over-reacted). ( written by Jamie)


Produced by Paul Reeve + Muse
Recorded at the dairy, June 2001
Mixed by Paul Reeve
At the airfield, July 2001


Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

gothic plague: when i first listened to this song, i listened to it in the dark at like 3 clock in the morning, i was so moved by it i nearly started to cry coz i could really relate to that song every well BRILLAINT MUSE !!!
NaK.: indeed, this is art! so brilliant, i think this should ´ ve been on OOS in stead of hyper music, just another bomb of difference in the album.muse is art!
the incredible trout: I think this is one of muse their best songs. It´s so powerfull and emotional. Every time I hear it I start to shiver. Pure class
sweep: yea this blew me away.i heard hyper music first and got really used to it.then i heard this and it gave me the shakes.does any1 else get the shakes when they listen to muse?its actually making it v.difficult to type ha.matt can really make any song go from one extreme to another
holyday: simply great ! so much emotion !
lil_black_star: this song is so peaceful.. i cried when i heard it the first time
dead star: the first time i listend it i started to cry in the dark too and for 3 or 4 days after i didn´t hear others songs. muse are a feeling´s production yeah!
¡Aspirex!: Ending their albums with these extremely dark, powerful and moody masterpieces has certainly paid off well. This is a very compelling and moving track, and how the same song can be done so differently is beyond me, but obviously not beyond Muse.
sam!: what can i say? a very emotional set of comments above me which sum1 up everything! pure genious! the lyrics seem to change with the music! from heavy i dont love you! do soft and relaxing and i never did!(compared to the original, hyper music) pure class!
cross: this song is infinately better to the orignal, one of there best b sides
TheLosPerinium(stu): so good, i think this is the most emotional muse have wrote, or that i have heard. Not only just this song though, muse put alot of emotion in all the songs they do :´-)
TLP(stu) again: im actually d-loading it now
Catarina: Yes, it goes so deep in ourselves. I cry in some songs. And sometimes i cry because i´m so happy. Like in Bliss.
Snapman: I thought this song was crap the first time I heard it.After a few listens I started to appreciate how brilliant it is.
TheLoastPerinium aka Stu: every body get ´Come To Daddy´ By Aphiex Twin
Hyperdeathic screenager_type alien from terra: Yeah it impressive but I like hypermusic better its always been my best muse song, when I listened to Chondriac I didn´t relise it was hypermusic for a while but it grew on me like darkshines
bellamys bitch (lucy): this is really good song i luv it and i luv muse!!!
sgroey: i know! being a hyperchondriac myself, i know where matthew bellamy is coming from when he re-hashed hyper music. the life of a hyper chondriac is a hard one. we gotta lock up our medicine cabinets so that ppl dont see our addiction. HYPER CHONDRIACS OF THE WORLD UNITE!...yes, its an ace song too
sunny: GLAD i heard Hyper music first coz it made this song so much dearer to me, hypermusic up beat, this song damn depressing but one of my favourites. the piano solo piece is gut wrenching and has reduced me to tears. Bellamy is god
sunny: GLAD i heard Hyper music first coz it made this song so much dearer to me, hypermusic up beat, this song damn depressing but one of my favourites. the piano solo piece is gut wrenching and has reduced me to tears. Bellamy is god
susana: there´s so much emotion in this song and it almost makes me cry... i don´t know about you, but this song reminds me a lot of radiohead, other songs too, but this one specially... i don´t know why, but it does... i love the other version, but live it sucks a bit...
Bram: Great song, and there´s is a great contrast in the emotions agression and sadness between Hyper Music and this v