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Map of your head


I'm sick of feeding my soul
To people who'll never know
Just how purposeless and empty they've grown
Because the language confuses like computers refuse to understand how I'm feeling today

I'm freezing and losing my way
I don't need another map of your head
I'm freezing and losing my way
I don't need another map of your head

I saw a liquid control
That gives life to (a soul / us all)
I hit my head on it and woke up to know
That I was all alone
Wearing just socks and a phone
Someone's screaming like their world might explode

Yeah I'm freezing and losing my way
I don't need another map of your head
I'm freezing and losing my way
I don't want another map of your head

Freezing and losing my way
I don't want another map of your head
I'm freezing and losing my way
I don't need another map of your head

Extra information




Recorded by Matthew Bellamy
March 2001 in Teignmouth, Devon
Mixed by John Cornfield + Muse
At the Sawmills studio, December 2001


Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

Lynds: Best song off īHullabalooī...gets very stuck in your head :) Classic
Beckeh: I download this a long time ago and i havenīt grown tired of it at all. Mattīs voice sounding very pleasent throughout as well..
ben: amazing song slow and mellow
Shine!: Sometimes this song sounds for me like russian folk music))) Itīs very nice, but i canīt inderstand the meaning?!
[BliSS]: One of my favourite B-Sides!!! Too nice!!!I think itīs about technology, a sort of criticism against the way people are using science today.
MicroCutter: the first time I heard this song, I went: īwhat the f...!!!ībut now I think its great, a nice, slow song with brilliant guitarswich remind me a bit of Super Mario, dunno why!!
kezzla: this and recess my fav songs on hullabaloo,,,,, another song i wud like to be played at my funeral :)
Tschanzi: I love this song. Always when i hear this song i have to smile
holyday: excellent and very funny ! kinda songs that make you smile
Lieke: Very Best Song from Hullabaloo, Itīs makes you feel happy!! :)
ĄAspirex!: You could probably play about six different Muse songs before anybody would know that it was all the same band, and the diversity is probably encapsulated best by a juxtaposition of this track and, say, Hyper Chondiac Music. This song is the only one so far wherein I cannot find an inner darkness. Itīs light, bouncy, catchy and capped off by Mattīs vocals and it really is īThe Perfect Muse Song for People Who Donīt Buy Muse Songsī, if you catch my drift.
looper: i agree.if you could only hear the music,without matt singing youd never guess it was muse.has anyone found a correct tab 4 this?
Teena: this is The Muse Going Happy. Itīs the chirpiest (and prolly the cheesiest) song of theirs. Reminds me of Blur. You canīt but love it. But WHAT is Matt doing while singing? Is he eating or drinking or what? He swallows at least three times during the song and itīs audible... and weird.
[BliSS]: LOL Teena that was fun :D Youīre right but I think I like it.. itīs just nice =)I read on the Hullabaloo inlay that this is the only song that Bellamy recorded by himself, without the producers..
Si: This song is just great, I tried to play it on the piano... I think Matt played it on his own, Dom is definitly not playing the drums.
Mused: It took some time till I got used too the song, cause itīs really different compared to the other muse songs, but itīs a really cute song, i like it
lucy: great song well done muse well g2g byeeee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
sgroey: when i first heard this song, when the guitar came in i just started laughing, i couldnt help it, it just sounded so childish! but afterwards i found that its actually a really ace song
musely moneky: i love this song. it is soooo wired but thats what makes it good. i think it could have something to do with some sone not careing about what another person is saying cause they have heard it all before. or maybe thats just me but thats how i have related to it. its a really good song
Kimmy: they should make a video with matt really just wearing socks and a phone....ok i know that was probably the most disguisting thing youīve ever heard. anyways itīs a nice song altough itīs very different of what they usually play.
laury: this may sound stupid but when he says iam losing my head iunderstand wat he means.the whole song is great ande so is the album .the music they create is totaly the best ever .
Elsa: it may sound strange but when I first heard this wonderful song, I fell in love .... it was just like a musical orgasm, Iīm serious ... and it was one of the most beautiful summers of my whole life.
Linniej: wow beautifull descirption ;) hahaha lol i know what you mean whahaha
bellamys bitch(luc