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Piano Thing



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Recorded By Matthew Bellamy


Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

MU$E ROCK: I donīt got this song on one of my cdīs so i really donīt have a clue how it goed- ;)
paul: showcases mattīs unbelievable playing (of the piano, of course) stronger than in any other song i think. space dementia close 2nd
holyday: a little bit boring
[BliSS]: perfect if you want to relax; a piece of classical music. shows how good bellamyīs fingers can be when they meet a piano =))
lil_black_star: i wanna be able to play like matt does :o itīs incredible.. i really adore this song!
Shine!: I love it, so musch strength it this thing
Mr Bean: I wish I could play this
muses no.1 fan: i think this is a really cool song well done muse
Just Me: a really great song. and the onliest my father accepts ;)because of this song i think about taking piano lessons (i just tried sunburn and it works a bit^^)
leah B: This song prooves that Bells is above all the other rock stars out there. I was playing it the other day and my dad walked in and asked why I was listening to classical music all of a sudden and what great composer it was ! he didnt believe me when i said it was Matt!!!!
Kiwi: This is a nice piano improvisation in the style of chopinīs impromptus. It shows that Matt had classical piano lessons and that he enjoys classical piano a lot (as you can also see on the dvd when setting up the stage). Itīs very nice but I find it hard to follow though since it has no real themes.
verity: i love how he plays the piano it really gets to me, i could listen to him oplay it all day, and the only negative thought that would ocme into my head would be how i gave up piano lessons and how i couldnt ever even begin to play like that putting in all feeling and emotions - truely one of the greatest talents
Captain Lorre: One of the most amazing songs, Muse has ever written. A rockband that is able to rock like mad and make classical music at the same time: I love it.
warren: is there no end to this mans talent.class
The Small Print: Muse are just an extra-ordinary band really, flawless, incredible....
Nils: I can play it all (on piano), I really like it. Can make a sort of a piano thing, when I mix all the different cool pianopieces together. But I dislike it to play sunburn too fast - It hurts!! I especially like space dementia and bliss. PLz tell me when there is any īpiano thingī sheetmusic out there..
Aafke: it cost me much time, but now i can play it. itīs incredible how matt mixes classical elements with his own brilliant ideas. i invented some piano things by myself, but none of them is as good as matts. still, itīs incredible how matt can play the piano without having any lessons...
maou: I desperately want the sheet music for that song...