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Who cares for the life we've urned
Someone sold all the thruth you yearned
Remember when you used to shine
And had no fear or sence of time
When it creeps up on you

You can cry now there's nothing to feel
No one's noticed our loneliness
Remember when you should have teased
And made us scream eternal time

I believed that you'd always be here
And once you promised a life with no fear
Please don't break my ideas/ideals
And say what's fake was always real
I was the one and only
Take me back again

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Review of Cyriel, posted on the messageboard

it's about wonderful things in life,
the good time you could have..
listen to the sound.. it's sounds like a fairy tale
like something that wouldn't happen in reality
it's about that you are responsible for your life (who cares for the life you've earned)
it's about the desillusionating world (someone's sold all the truth you yearned
forget about everything.. only for the moment.. (remember when you used to shine
and had no fear or sense of time.. when it creeps up on you)

but then it turns sad,
about losing (you can't cry, now there's nothing to feel)
about the people who don't know you (no-one's noticed our loneliness)
about the past (remember when you used to tease)
where we were happy (and made us scream eternal times)

but then reality closing in (I believed that you'll always be here)
your imagination wasn't real (and once you promisesd a life with no fear)
you hope that life isn't like that (please don't break my ideals)
you don't know what is true anymore (and say what's fake was always real)
you loose reality (I was lost(?), now I'm gone)
you hope to get your feet back on the ground (take me back again)

it's not about physical death, it's about dying relationship,
about splitting, and it feels like death..
it probably is a kind of death..
a part of you is dying


Produced by John Leckie + Muse
at real world, Januari 2001


Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

Shine!: It´s so cute... can´t find more words
Beckeh: Matt´s voice seems full of emotion in this, i prefer the ´Shine Acoustic´ version on Hullabaloo, it really is a gorgeous song..
Shine!: I consider Shine Acoustic to be better too
Mogli: i think shine acoustic is perfectly sung and supposed to be a singing song ;)
gaby: shine acoustic is such an emotional reminds me of one of those really sad love stories, i just love the words to it and the way he sings it ....perfect...!
[BliSS]: simply beautiful. moving. deep. nothing else to say =)
[BliSS]: oh and i was forgetting: i think in the end he says ´i was the one´.. then something that i dont quite understand, but it might be just some usual howling =))))btw are the lyrics a little bit different in shine acoustic:?
webmaster: ´i was the man behind your dreams´ ?somtimes i think he´s just saying nothing
[BliSS]: I finally think it´s ´I was the one behind you´. Mmm yeah thanx for the hint. Now I really think he says that!
Moi: I thought it was ´I was the one, now i´m gone (ooo), take me back again´.
[BliSS]: hmm now im gone. interesting. some time passed since i last posted here and i heard more comments and listened again and again to the song. i really cant catch those words. but your theory is interesting =)
Beckeh: I´m probably wrong, it´s just what i hear myself, when i listen to it : )
Fondy: Simply top class...Why English ppl cant say what are the right words of the last lines?
susana: another song i love listening in the car... it sounds so good...
[BliSS]: today i helped my sister to translate it (she dont speak english very well) and when i explained her the meaning (about death etc as we were saying some time ago in the messageboard) she wept.
musefreak: i only know the acoustic version...butbeautiful..wonderful...another song which makes you cry a lot when you´re in the mood to...matts howling voice is so beautiful as usual...
dave: im pretty sure the lyric is´how is the world, now i´m gone´
matts mistress: this song is AMAZING its soooooo just the best ohhhh i luv it soooooo much its so sweet :)
lauren: I love this song.Im not trying to be smart but ur words are wrong. Its actually:Please dont break my idealsAnd say whats fake was always real.I was the one .Now Im gone.Take me back again......... Sorry I just thought I should say!