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Shrinking Universe


Cast your eye tears on to me
And I'll show you what you really need
Give too much attention
And I'll reflect your imperfections

Can't you see it's over
Because you're the god of a shrinking universe

Purposeless survival
Now there's nothing left to die for
So don't struggle to recognize
Now the cruelly heart-felt suicide

Can't you see it's over
Because you're the god of a shrinking universe

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Produced by John Leckie + Muse
at real world, Januari 2001
Mixed by John Cornfield + Muse
at sawmills studio, march 2001


Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

Luiz Gustavo: I really like this song cos he play the guitar so fast and the lyrics are even more amazing
holyday: this THE track that made me love Muse... I do like this song
[BliSS]: its a wonderful track, u can see it from any point of view and itīll still be one of the best songs muse has ever made. GREAT:!
Cuttooth: Listen to the bass....... awwww. thats nice stuff
Hyperdeathic screenager ....yeah you know the rest: Muse reek of awsomeness this song is museness
bellamys bitch (lucy): i luv the chorus 2 this song i dont know why its so wierd
rhemo: well, iīm glad to be the nxt reviewing this song. at first i didnīt like it that much, but now i think itīs actually a great song, with a wonderfull opening.
susana: like the melody of the song. great lyrics!
complaining oyster: Very cool lyrics. I mean, who else would have thought of it? Muse is the only band capable of such immense coolness. THE ONLY BAND!!! Exepting Nirvana, that is...
Arbourler_Jameson: The part in the middle where he just says ah and oh makes me shiver. itīs such a great song. Shame there isnīt a lot of bass