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The Gallery



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Produced by Paul Reeve + Muse
Recorded at the dairy, june 2001
Mixed by Paul Reeve
At the airfield, july 2001


Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

MicroCutter: best b-side! the piano...brilliant.the first instrumental I heard, was really surprisednever knew they did that sort of music, kinda danceit sounds like its all electronic (except piano)DJ matt B. yeah. (Iīm writing shit!!)
kezzla: i like it, very ghostly . nice :)
domlover: wicked track i love it
ben: class on hullabaloo docu.
sam!: put this on, lie in the sun, forget about everything
JK: .. so... a mystic song... fantastic!
Keir Gravil: It sounds like a pot of coffee is boiling at the beginning, and its not too bad, quite eerie, and spooky.
Verity: yeh mystic - good way to describe it! I love it, u can really listen to the music without getting distracted by lyrics.
musefreak: yeah itīs really mystic....makes me think of fire and water at the same time...i donīt know...when i donīt know any videos to songs, i invent my own ones...and for this one i had ideas of a girl..walking through a modern city, but instead of streets water...and she looks around and everything is going up in flames....i donīt know...itīs just waht my crazy mind imagined.....the piano is really wonderful...and itīs best as instrumental, i think lyrics would be wrong, they would destroy something....
matts mistress: wow ur rite........ mystic.....its so wierd...but good, very good
Mr-_-Yo: Cool song, has some kind of ghostly feeling, my friends thinks this sounds like a song from a porno movie haha!