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Dead Star


Shame on you for thinking
You´re an exception
We´re all to blame
Crashing down to earth
Wasting and burning out
Fading like a dead star
Harm is coming your way
Its coming your way

You used to be everything to me
And now your tired of fighting
Tired of fighting
Fighting yourself

Shame on you for thinking
Your all alone
If you want I´ll make you wish you were
Failing to impress
Why can´t you sleep with
Someone who´ll protect you
Harm is coming your way
yeah, it´s coming your way

You used to be everything to me
And now your tired of fighting
Tired of fighting
Fighting yourself

Fighting yourself

Extra information


Matt: I sort of got into that kind of thing, looking into space and all that - bit embarrassing, really. I´m a bit of a Star Trek fan in secret, but don´t tell anyone (laughs). The song is about, let me think, it kind of how everyone reacted to the 11 september thing. We were in Boston at the time, we got stuck there, and that´s when we recorded those songs. So, in some ways, the lyrics are a little bit about the hysteria around that time and how people were really quick to point fingers at everyone else when they should have pointed fingers at themselves.


Produced and mixed by John Cornfield + Muse
At Sawmills Studio, Cornwall


Matthew Bellamy

Official video

The video is recorded in Winston, Churchill's house in Brighton in the cellar. You can see Muse playing Dead Star. The video cost 50 pounds. Matt: “We were there writing, recording, drinking beer, we hired it out for 6 months. It was great though, because that's where he kept all his dogs. When Churchill wasn't leading the country in to that ware, he was racing his dogs in Brighton. We went into that cellar and found all these old prizes and certificates he has won for various dog competitions.”

Directed by:Tom Kirk and ???

People's comments

Jimmy Hoots: Muse´s third best song. better than sex.
Shine!: It is the most difficult song. i mean difficult to play it. and it´s really admirable
kath_twitch: totally kick arse piece. Definately a new direction for Muse. Moving slightly away from the alternitive themes that were with them all throughout OOS and is much more of a rocksong, getting pretty heavy as well. the question is: is it a good change?
Beckeh: It´s nice to hear something a little heavier and a little different, and i do like it a lot... But i hope they don´t go in this direction..
Shine!: I hope they won´t keep practising such rock any longer. I hope it won´t become their new direction.
Fillip: It´s an ideal opener for a concert.
[BliSS]: its nice to hear something different. i dont think they are going in that direction, tho. matt stated it many times, he doesnt want people to think that muse are becoming metal or such.
Robin: I guess [BliSS] it´s right, it´ll be mix between both styles I think.. (I hope)Robin,
dave: i much prefer the live dead star to the recorded one, i hink it sounds mre mysterious and i love the way matt sings it ´slightly´differentlydavex
Dares: matt has said in an interview that dead star is not an indication of where the new album is going, just listen to action faust emergency and i want you now, the other new songs, and you might get more of an idea where muse are goingits good
holyday: my favourite muse song... live or studio, it´s simply FUCKING GREAT (sorry) to hear this track !!
MicroCutter: a cool song probably muses heaviest but thats cool Im into heavy stuff like Metallica. The vocals are totally different to other songs, another +.but I do prefer IYW. nevertheless its a kick ass song
gaby: Oh i just loooove this song, it´s just way cool. It´s just one of those you can just bang on your Cd player and play at full blast!
angeldust: love it! the songs chorus just blows me away, i agree with gaby, it is one of those songs that you have to play at full blast on your stereo!
Hyper Monkey: Just when u thought they couldn´t get better. This definitely ranks in muses top 3. In fact the only way this song could b improved is with the mentioning of a monkey of some description. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Rameez : Its not ´one is coming your way´ its ´harm is coming your way´ makes more sense
Deadstar 666: Actually rameez, it is ´one is coming your way´.... most people comment on how there´s no swearing .... ´Shame on you for thinkin´ you´re all alone....that´s bullshit´ except its a bit glitched and unintelligeble, dontcha think?This is a gr8 song, if muse keep improving on their songs like this, theyre gonna become more popular than elvis! =) I saw muse at the cavern sometime ago....hehe the atmosphere live is f***in gr8! :)
...: this song (comparing to other great songs by muse- bliss, spiral static, showbiz) sucks. it has no special melody, a very bad video and not very good lyrics.But I love muse anyway.
sam!: most difficult to play? have u tried playing micro cuts? this song is piss to play but its a wikked riff(waddya expect? its muse!) and the solo although SIMPLE,is very effective with kool lyrics!you used to be every thing to me is a wikked line ;)
Hyper Monkey: Screenager and parts of citizen erased are way harder to play, especially if your trying to juggle at the same time. Why did i say that?! Why do i say anything?! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I dont make any sense!!!
Cuttooth: I have to say I think Matt´s lyrics are a bit shite and alot of them are excuses for lyrics but his singing in this is unlike anything before it... i like it alot... fun song.... also the live backing singing is funny.. good old Chris!