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Falling Down


I'm falling down, and 15000 people scream,
They were all begging for your dream.

I'm falling down,
5000 houses burning down (yeah)
No one is gonna save this town.

Too late I already found what I was looking for,
You know it wasn't here, no, it wasn't here.

I was calling your name,
but you would never hear me sing,
You wouldn't let me begin.

So I'm crawling away,
cos you broke my heart in two, yeah,
No I will not forget you.

Too late I already found what I was looking for.
You know it wasn't you, no, it wasn't you. No.

Falling away, you never see me fall,
no I could not forget you
Falling down, a thousand houses burning down,
No one is gonna save this town.

Too late I already found what I was looking for,
You know it wasn't you, no, it wasn't you. No.

Falling down, now the world is upside down,
I'm heading straight for the clouds.

Extra information


īfalling downī was about their time in their birthplace. The city didnīt pay attention to Muse (you would never hear me sing etc.) and all the people wanted to get out of there and be famous just like Muse did (they were all begging for your dreams) so now muse are famous they do pay attention to them but itīs already too late.. (i already found what i was looking for).. and that part of ī15000 people screamīī that are the people who live in the village...


Produced and Mixed by John Leckie


Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

Dagger: I would have love a video for this song. Maybe it would have been a little like Bliss, with Matt falling from a building, all in slow motion, singing the song...Maybe itīs not a fan favorite, but itīs on my top 5, thatīs for sure. Itīs so wonderful, so īgraphicī, the voice is perfect, the lyrics are perfect, the production is perfect...Need to listen to it RIGHT NOW. lolA suicide can be beautiful if itīs soundtracked by Muse.
Beckeh: When iīm in the mood for something calm and gentle, i listen to this, itīs very soothing..
Shine!: I canīt describe what i feel about this song, But it is the best on ShowBiz after Muscle Museum. No, i canīt decide what is bettre Falling own or Unintended? They share the second place
Dark_Star: i think the strongest part of the song is at the end. i think it was good how they out this song on showbiz to compliment unintended. i think that if unintended was the only slow song then it may not have worked as well. i think it was good to see the contrast between the two songs.
nuria: well, itīs a really good song... yeah, Itīs so... jeff buckley! (i say this like something positive) I love it
bellamys bitch (lucy): i luv this song soo much i think its so sweet its 1 of my favourite songs on the showbiz album well done guys
bellamys bitch (lucy): its me again, i was just wonderin wud this be classed as a luv song?
bellamys bitch(lucy): if u know the answer 2 my question TELL ME!!!! plz!!!
bellamys bitch (lucy): come 2 birmingham plz i luv u matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bellamys bitch(lucy): danielle just shut up!!!!!!!
susana: the meaning of the song is very obvious!!! and i guess we all relate to it because everybody is hated or ignored by somebody and one day, when everything is going on quite well for you, those people are suddenly your friends and bla, bla, bla... bunch of hipocrits... i totally agree with Dagger: a suicide would be perfect having museīs music as soundtrack... god! im having these kind of thouhgts again, i better go the the shrink...
Chellamy: My most favorite song... I feel like crying, in a good way, when I hear it...Mattīs voice is so beautiful...I absolutely love this song, itīs my favorite song of all time...
verity: wow, this song gives me shivers, i just love it :D:D:D
bellamys bitch(lucy): i feel the same when i here this song verity
Puppet Strings: Thereīs a bluesy sound to this song I think. It really works. But Matts voice is just so painful. The song couldnīt be any more goddamned beautiful & emotional. Itīs so great that a īrock bandī can be so deep.īKisses,ī Muse!