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Muscle Museum


She had something to confess to,
But you don't have the time so,
Look the other way.
You will wait until it's over,
To reveal what you'd never shown her,
Too little much too late.

Too long trying to resist it,
You've just gone and missed it,
It's escaped your world.

Can you see that I am needing,
Begging for so much more,
Than you could ever give.
And I don't want you to adore me,
Don't want you to ignore me,
When it pleases you yeah,
And, I'll do it on my own

I have played in every toilet,
But you still want to spoil it,
To prove I've made a big mistake.

Too long trying to resist it,
You've just gone and missed it,
It's escaped your world.

Can you see that I am needing,
Begging for so much more,
Than you could ever give.
And I don't want you to adore me,
Don't want you to ignore me,
When it pleases you yeah...

So I'll do it on my own and,
I'll do it all by myself,
You will never make it.

Extra information


If you search for “muse” in a dictionary, in most cases, the word before ´muse´ is ´muscle´, the word behind is ´museum´. That’s how they got the title

Matt: "It’s about the conflict between the body and the soul or mind. It´s how sometimes one element of your being will not allow something to happen. For example, say your body wants to have sex with a girl but your mind reminds you that you have a girlfriend. It´s that inner conflict."

Muscle Museum is also about their teenage-lifes in Teighmout. How they weren't accepted and people (maybe some friends, family, girlfriend,...) didn't want them to go in showbiz and music.(you still want to spoil it, to proove i've made a big mistake). The refrain can also be related with Teighmout. (can you see that I'm needing begging for so much more than you could ever give). The toilet sentense (I have played in every toilet), is a reference to "toilet gigs". Those are gigs played in small pubs, or at the corner of the street where actually nobody is paying attention to the band.


Produced and Mixed by Paul Reeve and Muse


Matthew Bellamy

Official video

Possible meaning: The people in the video are looking happy from the outside, but are in fact very sad at the inside. They want to keep up appearance, but it’s not working and they all start crying: a man who’s washing his car, a man eating cornflakes, a girl on her bed, a guy who brushes his teeth,... Some kids are on a birthday party, they should be happy, but they’re all crying. There’s also a car with a “Baby On Board” sign, but in fact there isn’t a baby on board at that moment.

In the video you can also see Muse playing in an empty venue. The place is filled with balloons and festoons, but no-one is watching them. You can see a handyman cleaning up when Matt sings “I have played in every toilet”. “Toilet” in this song means “toiletgig”, which is dialect for a gig on the corner of a street when nobody is watching when you’re playing, just like in the video.

Maybe Muse want to represent Teighmount in the video. Muscle Museum (and other songs on Showbiz) are about their lives in Teighmount, how they weren’t accepted, and how people (or someone) tried to stop them from going into music (hence “you still want to spoil it, to prove I’ve made a big mistake”).

Directed by:Joseph Kahn

People's comments

Shine!: If it´s not the best Muse´s song, then it is one of the very best Muse´s songs. It´s amazing, really great. I can´t imagine that there will be a time when they won´t play it on their concerts!
Robin: Yep, the no #1 live song me thinks. :)Robin,
MicroCutter: another classic with cool bass and greek-sounding guitar!absolute class!!
: but wtf is he singing about toilets?
webmaster: i know another intresting theory about this song:it could be about a girlfriend of Matt who didn´t want him to become a musician but a lawyer, or work in an office, definetly something else... The toilet could be ´toilet gigs´, which are gigs on streets/pubs where actually nobody pays attention to. And ´you still want to spoil it, to prove i´ve made a big mistake´, the mistake is: to go into music, cause she doesn´t want him to go in.It didn´t find it out by myself, someone told me.
sweep: matt sounds exactly like an electric guitar in this version kicks ASS
ben: i sound like a cow munchin on a elephants willy when i sing
matt: the song that me hooked on muse. walking bass line. spanish followed with an explosive chorus and ending. definatley better live.
matt smellamy: Sorry to be picky but the last of each chorus is ´I´ll do it on my own´
Catarina: This song has a whole meaning for me because there was a boy that adored me and ignored me when he pleased.
Bisto: Muscle Museum is one of the greatest songs ever, and the full length version on the second single disc is quite incredible
bellamys bitch (lucy): this is a kick-ass song its 1 of my favourite muse songs guys keep up the good work and matt if u read this i luv ya byee xxxxxxxxxx
Benoit: I think the lyrics at the end are wrong. It should be ´Yeah, and i´ll do it on my own, yeah i´ll do it all by myself, you will never be [...] ´
Benoit: If you want confirmation listen to an acoustic version of the song... When matt doesn´t add the effect on his voice, you can hear the lyrics:´Yeah, and i´ll do it on my own, yeah, and i´ll do it all by myself, yeah, you will never (make it)´I´m not sure about the very last two words, but definitly sure about the rest... Listen to the original version and you will see this is what he says...the lyrics are definitely NOT ´and i´ll do it only´ .... because first of all that doesn´t mean anything in english and secondly that sounds nothing like the lyrics...
o_O: this song rulezzzzz
leah B: This is my fave muse song, I´ve played it loads of times and never get sick of it. To me this song sums them up. I think that when matt sings ´ i have, played in every toilet´ it has 2 meanings, one is that he used to clean out toilets in caravans, and like webmaster wrote, how they used to play in local pubs. Confusing, but brill:-)
Danny Yeates: This is the first song i heard and it made me like the mighty muse
Verity: great song, easy to relate too :S and love how they got the name, very different.
susana: agree... very easy to relate cause when ´you don´t have the time (...) look the other way´ and all the rest... love the guitar and the video is very funny... i almost end up like the guys in the video when i see it... and i still wana know about the toilet story... it´s confusing for my brain...
frodo: this has the best video i love it 1 of the best songs in the world an cheers 2 webmaster 4 explainin bout the hole toilet thing
Fragile: Muscle museum, has got to be my favourite song that Muse have ever done.It was the first song that I ever heard from Muse, I saw it on mtv´s Brand new, and it just made me stop what i was doing and made me watch the tv. Muscle Museum was the song that made me get into Muse, and find out how amazing thier songs are.
Citizen Erased: This is one of the best songs i have ever heard. Ever!