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Come waste your millions here,
Secretly she sneers.
Another corporate show,
A guilty conscience grows.

And I'll feel a guilty conscience grow,
And I'll feel a guilty conscience grow.

She burns like the sun
and I can't look away,
And she'll burn our horizons
make no mistakes.

Come let the truth be shared,
No-one ever dared to break,
These endless lies,
Secretly she cries.

She burns like the sun,
And I can't look away,
And she'll burn our horizons,
Make no mistakes.

And I'll hide from the world,
Behind a broken frame,
And I'll run forever,
I can't face the shame.

And I'll hide from the world,
Behind a broken frame,
And I'll run forever,
I can't face the shame.

Extra information


Sunburn is about the band struggling money wise before they got famous, how they couldn’t afford much…

“Burns like the sun”, means: burning money.

A “corporate show” is when the record company forces a band to play some show they don’t want to, just so they can make money.

You’d maybe think Matthew seems to complain about corporate shows but “it’s just a funny thing to sing when you’re doings those things, it’s just a joke”

It think the ´she´ in the song is someone who has a lot of money and sneers to Muse because they don´t have a lot. (only my idea).

Sometimes, when Muse play this song live, Matt change the lyric: “just like a corporate show” into “just like a virgin blows”. The piano is often changed with the guitar.


Produced and Mixed by John Leckie


Matthew Bellamy

Official video

It’s about a babysitter with a rebel attitude, she scrapes her keys up the banister, she then goes into the bedroom and rummages around the mother’s possessions, gets the necklace out, possibly going to steal it until Muse come into view. You can see Muse in the mirror, but not in real. She starts screaming and crying. At a moment she is throwing an object in the mirror (when Matt sings ´behind a broken frame´), the mirror breaks, but you still see Matt reflecting in the broken peaces. After some time, the kid also goes upstairs and sees here in the mirror, but not in real.

Small detail: her ring has the initials: DH (Dom Howard?)

The actress of the video (Brooke Kinsella) has starred in a serie called "Sunburn", although she was only a guest.

She starred also in the show "The Eastenders" (tnx to Ben).

Directed by:

People's comments

Ben: best song ever by muse great ending to the song love the live version as well
MicroCutter: first muse song I heard! lovely piano!Its a real classic! the best song on showbiz!she buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrnnss like the suuuuuuuuuuuuun...!!!
Ben: does any1 else here like the live version? when after the second chorus he goes totally mad on the piano? its the best instrumental part ive ever heard
_Macca: YES! its amazing live when hes plays the album´s guitar solo on the piano! :)
in my world: this song is incredible, the piano is amazing. this is definatly one of my fave muse songs
sam!: grrrrr it does piss me off when i see him playing sunburn, standing up, and singing. howwwwwwww??????????????????????so unfair!well maybe one day ill be able to play more of it(good song)
sam!: well i return being able to play the song :p hahahahaand i love it so much now. The video rocks!
beckeh: love the video, love the song, great way to start the album
Mused: Love it Love it LOVE IT! I can play it on the piano
Baba: First Muse song I ever heard - and loved, from the very first moment.It has so much beauty in it.
bellamys bitch (lucy): BITCHIN SONG
sgroey: yup, sunburn was the first muse song i ever heard too, and by god its such an amazing song. the filmclip augments the suspense and drama and dark beauty of the song. its bloody brilliant
Zara: Love this song; One of my favourites.The Video is great! :D
Linniej: yeah I never get bored :) I probably listened to it a thousend times but I still can´t get enough of it. When I heard what it´s about I even loved it more :)
Linniej: hey somebody said in a topic on teh messageboard it was about prostitution!
Sfinx: what can i say about this great song.....i didnt really pay attention to it when i got ´Showbiz´ though it eventually aspired to be my favourite song of the album! it has everything from piano solos, to guitar solos, to matt screaming them enormous lungs of his off to give us them fantastic high notes! the bass is rocking and the drums are kool! what more can i say but a great song and one for muse to live up to!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D(was written while listening to ´new born´ another great song!
susana: its always on my head... i really really really love that part next to the second time matt sings the chorus... the piano, the bass, bellamy singing... oh... its beautiful, perfect!!!!
Stefouinette: Je suis sans voix devant cette chanson...l´histoire qu´elle raconte est terrible et c´est ça qui me fait l´aimer d´autant plus.... Et le clip est génial, franchement rien à dire !!!!
margaux: What I like most about this song ,is Doms drumming.But everything MUSE makes/plays/... is f*cking good!!
Arbourler_Jameson: The bass part really makes this song. Even though I prefer playing the piano part than the bass part