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You make me agitated
With all the things you´ve hated
But you´re uncomplicated
So why should it affect you
That my loving was so untrue

You do it to me sweetly
To me yeah yeah
You do it to me lovely
To me yeah yeah

You try to make me crazy
You make me agitated
We´re not suffocated
And why should it affect you
That my loving was so untrue

You do it to me sweetly
To me yeah yeah
You do it to me lovely
To me yeah yeah

Extra information


A heavier song. The lyrics are taken from the inlay of ´Random 1-8´, so they are correct I think.

The song is featured by its heavy guitars and unclear, shouting voice. On Hullabaloo you can hear a different ending.

You can´t say if Matt enjoys the company of the girl or not, but it looks like not.



Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

Jimmy Hoots: Now this is some good stuff. Muse´s second best song, in my opinion. great tempo, great rhtym to jerk off to while listening to it. this song slaps you silly and fucks you stupid.
[BliSS]: I agree! It kicks ass! Live is best!
illusions everywere: Great work!
Beckeh: For some reason i had a real problem working out what he was actually saying, but this is a great song, full of energy!
Shine!: Live at Bizzare festival in 2000 is super. Matt screams there a lot and it is so... can´t find a word....exciting))
- X -: I think it´s really great, it´s kind of loud and sort of agressive with those beautiful little sensitive pieces, that contradiction sounds amazing!
holyday: excellent b-side !
mik: Whaaa.. I love this! it´s just so... I don´t know... Like uhm.. The best song on earth or something. Especialy live it really kicks ass!
Dinandtotti: It´s really not my favourite.
Jimmy Kane: Agitated is great. The first chord is real strangre, but it sounds great. Cool to play, too.
Tom: Wow!! An excelent song, love the riff, it just flows really well, and you can really jam to it as a guitarist!
mikandrewz: I´ve only ever heard it live (hullabaloo) and it rocks. i really wanna hear the studio version, anyone know where i can get hold of it? (i live in england so i cant just get muscle museum)
Chriswok: When i first heard agitated i was like....this aint muse damn it... and slapped kazaa silly with a nearby wet fish. But then i realised that yes this was Muse, and yes this was yet again another fine B-side. The strange screeching harmonics at the start are great, and that riff is just so easy yet wonderful.... it is just a great song, possibly one of the, lyric wise, easier songs to understand and work the meaning out too...ponders question...Why are Muse B-sides so good!?
DeadServ: Should I bother?After all, it is Muse what we´re talkn´bout.Any kind of compliments whould be an insult compared to their level of perfection.So if you want to compliment them, simply post: ´Muse´
Chriswok: I´ve just finished tabbing this song, just added the different endings matt has played in the past, at the moment its guitar only :)
bellamys bitch (lucy): this is a really good song i mean its better than good,its great this is a bitchen song!!!
comments of a criminal: we so sorry [me and lucy] for egging your web site we luv the song great jobwe are really sorrywell never do it aqain
Mystérieuse: Oh the original version agitated is so LOVELYYYYYYdo that yeaaaaaah yeaaaaaaaahWell... Cool ;)
susana: i only know the live version, but it kicks ass!! at first i thought it didn´t sound much as muse, but it really sounds great!
muse obsessed: I think the beginning is really really funny it always makes me laugh!!it´s another great song of muse!!!!!!!
tsp: just pure amazing song, why wasn´t this on showbiz!?