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Forced In


Force me in
Into greed

Push me in
Into greed


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Produced by Paul Reeve + Muse
Recorded and mixed by Paul Reeve
at the airfield, march 1999


Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

MicroCutter: a weird song, kinda trip-hop. but it is one of my favorites, cuz its different to the rest.weird, but still great
holyday: i totally agree with microcutter, so cool
gaby: Yeah i agree too theres just somthing about it, the guitar bit is just soo cool!
[BliSS]: I dont like this really much. Dunno why..
ĦAspirex!: this (and the gallery) remind me a lot of the old weird pink floyd stuff. a bit dodgy.
Bisto: I love this song, tis one of my all time faves, it´s great to watch people pass you by when listening to it with headphones I think, I dunno why, it kinda gives a weird psychodelic feeling or it does me at least,
cheryl: hated it at first. made my head hurt. how stupid of me.
TheMarsVolta: amazing! i love it. very relaxed and somehow dreamy... makes me sleepy all the time but that does not mean that it is bad!