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Produced by Paul Reeve + Muse


Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

sam!: poor old nishe hasnt got ne reviews! well ill give it one :P its a bit slow, and boring, and unexciting, and im 15 seconds through the song and i have nothing else to write about it. i guess you could have it in the background or summit? f**k it im off to write a review of bliss!
Cuttooth: I personally donīt think itīs that bad... It has a cool Jazz/Blues style and the bass sounds lovely... I love all of Museīs instrumentals..... Maybe except for Execution Commentary.... but that has Matt testing out some scat singing. But I like this one. So.... ner
sam!: changed my mind, nishe rules, very relaxing, reminds me of being in a bar in the fiftees. not that i was alive then :s
Bisto: Itīs the perfect song to relax to with a can of coke, watching the sun set. It gives you a great feeling, unbeatable.
i: i think this is a great song, and do i hear a fretless guitar very low??? or is it just me?? well i think its a gr8 chill out song
daviie: poor nishe hasnt any votes in the poll. well i like it! itīs so calm and nice..
TheMarsVolta: dammit! i wanted to vote for it! but somehow i couldnīt anymore! is the poll over?? i think it is an amazing song, one of my favourite muse songs!! the mood is unique!! a pity that not too many like it! old-school muse, there will never be something like that again, because i donīt think that muse will again experiment like this.
museman: nishe is the poorest spong from muse ;)bye
citizen erased: this is an interesting song, itīs not like anything else by muse that iīve heard. pity theyīre not doing anything much like this now. Itīs the only jazzy one iīve heard anyway