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Pink Ego Box


It's gonna be ok
Can’t afford another day
At 50 bytes per second

I’ve never seen your face
I’ve never heard your voice

But I think I like it
When you instant message me
With a promise
I can feel it
I can tell you're gonna be
Just like me

My eyes are gonna strain
My heart is feeling pain
At 50 beats per second

I’ve never seen your eyes
I’ve never heard your lies

But I think I like it
When you instant message me
With a promise
I can feel it
I can tell you're gonna be
Just like me
Just like me

You tell
You tell
You turn on me

Extra information


Also known as 'Instant Messenger', but in this version you don't hear the ´you've got post´ in the beginning.

It's about having a virtual relationship with somebody through the internet witch an instant messenger (such as ICQ, MSN Messenger,…). But in real life you don't know eachother.

I was told that Matt has written this song for his ex-girlfriend (who he met on the internet), but later when showbiz was released they broke up with eatchother. (indeed, rumours :)



Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

Dagger: Love on the Internet. Doubts and hopes.It´s one of my favourites b-sides. It should have been on Hullabaloo Soundtrack.
Shine!: Actual topic nowadays
dares: this is the same song as instant messenger
-=[Muse]ager=-: When you instand messenge me..*singin* well, another great Muse-song..but what else to expect from Muse?visit (my german Muse site)
maVar: ´but i think i like it´ part o my god amazing vocal
me: i love the ending....´you tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!you tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!´
Dagger: ´but i thiiiink i liiiiiiike iiiit´ fuck yeah, that part is Art. :_)
Bisto: this is one of my favourites ever, i really fell in love with muse after hearing this song
Citizen_Erased: The best passage is definitely when u can hear Matt breathing at the end...Waooh!
bellamys bitch(lucy): the lyrics 2 this song are really wierd, still a good song tho
Kimmy: I don´t THINK I like it, I KNOW I like it!you know, actually this whole peoples comments section is shit cos you know that with every song that has a video the comment will be ´Matt is fucking gorgeous/cute´ and so on (not that I don´t agree..) and for the rest it´ll be ´this song is great´ . am I right? But it´s a great song (i´m so cliche) and I love it. I love Matt too. He´s the cutest guy alive. I think. I haven´t met anyone who´s cuter. So far goes my story. I talk too much. Always. So I´ll just quit. bye bye now. bye.
jette: ah damn this song always reminds me of someone i met and then we held contact over internet, but sadly it didnt work... :´( it always makes me cry and i love it soo much, well...all songs from muse make my cry, don´t know why, they´re just sooo great and they´re always so sad; even the happy songs have some sort of sad undertone. anyways i love muse they´re the best band in the whole wide world, and i am soo deeply in love with matthew, if you ever read this: will you marry me?!?! and please come to pinkpop (holland) this year, cos else its not worth going! kisskiss
Sfinx: yeah good point kimmy!but i dont really like 1 of their songs!