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Spiral Static


Who's ever known
How much to moan and groan
And quiver inside
He needs to give you
Everything you need
Is it enough

You're running out of time
As it grows in your eye
Feel broken inside you feel

Sigh, static moans
A storm growing strong
And it's coming my way
Still she gives you
Everything you need
Is it enough

You're running out of time
As it grows in your eye
You'll feel broken inside
You'll feel
And I'll feel broken inside you


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Produced and Mixed by John Leckie at RaK, Master Rock


Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

[BliSS]: the opening sound reminds me a bit of a ghost movie or sumthing.. quite frightening the first time you hear it! =)
Spreus: This is definitely one of my fav b-sides. I really really like the chorus. I canīt tell what it is that makes it this great, but it must be that you can feel his emtions trying to get know what I mean (no?)
SuperStar: This song is my favorite, its like u know and feel this thing, from the childhood ītill now
mik: I have no idea what it means
alexandra: i had a synesthetical experience through this song, really fantastic. while i was listening with closed eyes, i saw a rotating spiral galaxy ... how impressing when music is dropping into your mind, evoking unknown feelings deep inside. i wish they would play this song live, itīs so wonderful.
just me: now i think its the best muse song ever but its not much time to the next record - and iīm sure itīll be the best of everything
Puppet Strings: Thereīs sounds in the song that sound like a spiral. Or maybe like something spinning round-and-round in the base of a glass cup; maybe a whine glass. The song is really mellodic. I love the line īAnd Iīll feel broken inside you.ī
Arbourler_Jameson: If this song was sung by anyone else other than Matt Bellamy then it would suck. This song is just perfect for his voice. Itīs like the music was written only for him (which of course it was)