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Twin (Baloonatic)



Your warmth, your warmth,
Is so deep,
Your gaze, beams a hole inside me

Controlling again
Unseparated twins
Controlling again

You’ve sucked
All the breath out of me
You’ll squeeze
All the life out of me

Controlling again
Unseparated twins
Controlling again

Controlling again
Unseparated twins
Unite Me
Come gentle, slowly, gentle


You came, You came, you scorched her
You came, unstained you adore her

United again
Like separated twins
United again

You, You will never
She knows, She knows you want her

United again
Like separated twins
United again

United again
Like separated twins
You can be

Come gentle, slowly
Come to life

tnx to Chaos Theory

Extra information


Balloonatic was the very first song of Muse. It was recorded in 1996 on a compilation cd named "Helping you back to work volume 1".

Later in 1999, Muse recorded it again, and renamed the song "Twin", and released it as a b-side for the single "Cave".


Produced by Paul Reeve + Muse


Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

Melanie Howard: I realy like Matt... but aint he a little strange... singing AND talking about twins all the time... well... guys are strange...The song is great.. and that´s what matters anyway :D*hugs*--Melanie
[BliSS]: he must have some sort of secret twin somewhere.. or he dreams of it.. i dont see the point of this song anyway =(one thing i noticed is how his way of singing is changing: listen to twin and then to dead star, seems that the two song are sung by two different persons! his voice is different
Beckeh: It is quite funny how his voice can sound completly different in two different songs, but thats what i love about muse, each song is unique in it´s own way, theres not even a typical muse sound, as it always changes.I like this song, though it is a little pointless.Beckeh.
MicroCutter: i just love the atmosphere of the song the drums and bass playing really cool togetherwith matts voice giving the song that special atmospherecan´t see the point of the song thoughweird lyrics, still great
annt: 1.the most beautiful is as always weird. like surrealism for ex.2. But the song isn´t weird. Human feelings have no limitations and far beyond common sence
ellie (muse kick ass!!!!): wow, i love matts voice especially in this song, ´controlling......´, amazing!
Linniej: wow the refrain is so beautiful.. so dark
turkeyleader: the song is really cool, does any1 know where i can get balloonatic from, the early version