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Yes Please


jump on my pleasure pill
yes please

i cannot sleep
there's too much noice in my head
i can not sleep
i want it here instead
i never thought that it could come to this
i just wanna live my dreaded bliss in peace now
you will never miss
but i can

Extra information


Rumours say this song is about an old friend of Matt who was a drug addict. He used to say "jump on my pleasure pill" while he was high.

The laughs you can hear at the beginning of the song were randomly recorded at the studios, so it are spontanious laughs.



Matthew Bellamy

People's comments

hannah*: This is also one of my absolute favourites, no doubt about it. Itīs a lil weird to hear Matt actually laugh in this way in a song, but cool, and itīs got beautiful guitarruns. The lyrics are quite nice fitting to the music itself.
hypermatt: I have to say this is my least favourite muse song ever. Its just not very good...sorry
holyday: so strange, kinda hard rock, no ? lol, thatīs very cool
NeW BoRn: hypermatt wot is wrong wiv you this is absolute (soz for spelling) Genius
looper: i always play this whenever iīm really angry.its stereo doesnt go loud enough tho
Teena: Rrrrok!
Dementia Eyes: This song is GREAT...the guitar riff stand in my head, Mattīs voice itīs very cool and this bit of punk make me feel...COMPLEATLY MAD!!! uah uah ah ah ah ahrggg
lynds: absolutly love this song....great riff. especially love line; īyouīre shut shut liesī...donīt know why...
Darshines: I really dont like this song, its to blah! and i dont like Dead star, only the live version
Keir: Like the song, although the lyrics are nearly impossible to distinguish, or is it just me, lol :)
sgroey: yeah, its a great punkish song, and the fact that you cant understand a single thing just makes it all the more alluring. i love the first part of it when the songs just amping up and you hear matt (?) just talking and then laughing and then cutting sick! its ace
cross: yeah the 2nd fetish club song (1st being ashamed) im mean ījump on my pleasure pill? YES PLEASE hahaī i like this song
Nosferatu: Itīs one of my faves, just canīt stop talking about it and get carried away on it...just driving my friends CRAZY with it (luckily theyīre into Muse too). The thing I love the best is the very beginning, just the guitar gearing up is very intense and tension-creating.
leah: hey I love this song coz it makes me laugh....especially when matt screams, īcoz Iīm too tired to f**k!ī its not that often you get to hear him swear! riff is cool, makes me wanna jump around n break stuff! You go matt!
leah: oops! i just read the lyrics and he doesnt say what i thought he said!! must have just been my dirty mind.....:-)
M@yB: Love the opening riff - sends shivers down my spine everytime!! and the main riff kicks some serious a**
susana: rock power!!!!!! very cool song and powerfull... its great!
[BliSS]: leah..u might be right anyway for its very hard to understand what he says. he might be saying anything.. and u know, never trust official lyrics.. =P
musefreak: great intro...matts voice in this song is really interesting...kind of whispering in a way and then shouthing and laughing around....fucking great!!!!!wohaaaaa.........