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  • Muse are an English band
  • Muse was founded in a boring English village called Teignmouth, they were the last of some broken bands, and founded a group together
  • They were in bands since their 12th
  • Matts dad (George Bellamy) was the guitarist of the band "The Tornadoes". They had a nr1 hit named "Telstar" in 1962.
  • Matt was born when his dad was about 36 years old.
  • Before Showbiz, Muse has recorded 2 limited EP's, Called "the Muse EP" and "the muscle museum EP"
  • Matt learnt to play the guitar by himself, and he thinks that's the best way to learn.
  • Space Dementia was recorded in two separate parts then put together
  • There's a secret tracks on Hullabaloo: "What's he building in there" by Tom Waits. You can get it by rewinding the first track (dead star) of CD2.
  • Matt destroyed the very first site of Muse while he was trying to learn html (website-computer-language)
  • Matt wanted to tatoo the veins on his arms. But his mother wished that he would stay the way he was made, and respected that and did not tatoo it.
  • None of the muse band are originally from Devon.
  • Matt writes all the songs.
  • Matt played the piano before he played the guitar.
  • Feeling good is an old song by Nina Simone, jazz.
  • Muse are the best rock band in the world.